Art Without Boundaries
a outdoor project in Lviv, Ukraine

type: outdoor project
date: March, 2016
location: Lviv, Ukraine
curator: German Goshkador

The youth movement Experiment presents Art Without Boundaries project. Supported by Lviv department of city promotion.

10 talented photographers from various parts of the world submitted their photos, that were exhibited on streets of Lviv.

Project organisers believe that with each day we approach the world depicted in Terry Gilliam movie “The Zero Theorem”. The world, where obsessive advertising is literary stocking citizens.
The project Art Without Boundaries provides at opportunity for ordinary people to see not the usual advertising that promotes everyday consumption, but something else, abstract and beautiful, that appeal to their human senses and personal development.

The participants of the project:
Natalia Drepina (Russia)
Jaya Suberg (Germany)
Antoine Geiger (France)
Mira Nedyalkova (Bulgaria)
Samo Rera (Egypt)
Felicia Simion (Romania),
Katerina Belkina (Russia)
Daria Endresen (Norway)
Azlan MAM08 (Malaysia)
Silvia Grav (Spain)